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The Cosplay Zone is the area to visit for all our amazing costumed visitors of COMIC CON AMSTERDAM. The area will feature parades, fantastic competitions and some great photo opportunities. 

Featuring the sign-in desk for the competitions and parades, the Cosplay Zone also has the costume groups, willing to share their skills and experience in producing those great and eye catching costumes.  Usually located near to the stage where the competitions and parades take place, you really can't fail to miss the colourful array of costumes on display in this area.

Comic Con Amsterdam is dedicated to bring cosplay fans an enjoyable and safe surrounding. Alongside Manga and Anime Zones, you will find a perfect environment to get the latest releases, inspiration for outfits and meet up with fan groups and communities.




If you want to compete in this cosplay competition, you can register by using the COSPLAY CONTEST REGISTRATION FORM
Please fill it in and send it to us at Please read the following information first, before you register.


About the Cosplay Masquerade

The Masquerade is set up as a catwalk fashion show. Contestants will have up to 2 minutes to present their costumes, both solo or as a group. This can be done in a ‘walk on-walk off’ with use of your own music.


There will be a Cosplay Masquerade on Saturday.
The Cosplay Contest times are not set yet, but it will be around these times:
Start: 14:30 h.
End: 16:00 h.
The prize ceremony will be right after the end of the Masquerade.


There will be two categories in the ACC Cosplay Masquerade

1. Casual
This category is for contestants who bought their costumes. These contestants won’t have a prejudging and compete for the prize in the ‘Casual’-category (see ‘Prizes’). This is because bought costumes can’t be judged fairly.

2. Competition
 This category is for contestants with self-made costumes. These contestants will have a prejudging and compete for the prizes in the ‘Competition’-category (see ‘Prizes’).


  • 1 prize for Best Solo Contestant in the ‘Competition’-category, both on Saturday and Sunday.
  • 1 prize for Best Group in the ‘Competition’-category, both on Saturday and Sunday.
  • 1 extra prize for Best Contestant(s) in the ‘Casual’-category, both on Saturday and Sunday.


If you still have questions, comments or remarks, please send them to! We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.



Contestants in the ‘Competition’-category will have a prejudging, where the jury will look at your costume(s) up close. You will receive information about the time and place for this prejudging in the week before the Cosplay Contest. The jury will judge your cosplay(s) on accuracy, craftsmanship and your catwalk.
Contestants in the ‘Casual’-category will not be jugded on costume(s), because it’s been bought. You will only be judged on your catwalk.


Your catwalk can be accompanied by your own provided music. This music may be up to 2 minutes and must be send to us in mp3 format.

Cancel your registration?

If you can’t be part of the Masquerade any more, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing to


  • Rules about cosplay, props and weapons can be found in ‘Cosplay Guidelines’ above
  • You can choose on which day you want to compete, but you can’t compete on both days with the same cosplay and/or catwalk.
  • To participate in the Masquerade, you must be at least 16 years old. If you are not, then you can only participate together with another contestant, who is 16 years or older.
  • You are not allowed to use glass, sharp objects, open fire, dry ice, or any steal weapons that can harm you or others.
  • You are not allowed to use fake blood, bubbles, confetti or other things that can spill on the stage and make it dirty or slippery.
  • Stageprops are not allowed. Only props that you can carry yourself are allowed during the Masquerade.
  • No use is made of any video and/or microphones, only of your own provided music.
  • Your catwalk may be up to 2 minutes long.
  • Your cosplay cannot be of an original character.


 We love cosplay as much as you do and that’s why we’ve got these rules, to make sure everyone will experience a safe and fun weekend!
Please note that these are only Guidelines and we cannot approve any items until we see them at the convention.

Weapons and Props

Upon arrival at COMIC CON, all weapons and props must be checked by security and Cosplay Staff, where they will be checked for safety and compliance to the rules. If your weapon or prop is not approved it will either be held by staff until the end of the event or you will be asked to take it home, to your car, but it in the cloakroom or let it safe keep in our cosplay weapon check point for you.
In some cases weapons will be approved for use in the Cosplay Contest, but not for Floor costume use. Such Items will be held in the Cosplay Zone.

We trust you to act responsibly with your cosplay props, however if you (or anyone else) is found to be acting inappropriately with them, they will be confiscated for the remainder of the convention. In all cases weapons should be kept sheathed, holstered or stowed while walking around a Showmasters Event, only being drawn for photos and the like.

Normal weapons or props may be up to 150 cm long. Oversized Weapons and props -may- be permitted up to 100 cm wide and 200 cm tall depending on construction. They must be light and safe, recommended construction materials are Foam, Foam board or Cardboard. If we can pick it up in one hand, without straining, then that's good.
Do not use Metal, solid wood, solid plastic, plaster etc. Good construction materials are Cardboard, Foamboard, Foam, Polystyrene, Balsa wood and hollow Plastic.

Replica of weapons, projectile, deactivated or real weapons are not allowed under any circumstances, this means no Airsoft, BB or Paintball guns no metal Katanas, Kunai etc. Not even if you tie red electrical tape around the barrel!

Martial Arts training weapons such as Bokken, Shinai or Bo are similarly banned. Toy weapons bought in Dutch shops and conforming to Dutch standards (toystores, party stores) are fine to use. As are unrealistic model weapons as long as they conform to the construction guidelines.

All other Props and Weapons should be constructed from lightweight materials and have no sharp edges, spikes or points.

Real weapons, metal replica’s and items that are not allowed to sell in the Netherlands, are forbidden at Comic Con Amsterdam.


Costumes, Size & Construction

Costumes should be no more than 200 cm) wide and 300 cm tall, in other words you should fit through a door! If you are taller than this then your costume should be no taller than you. There might be some exceptions to those above rules. We will need to see your oversizes costume to tell if it is safe and ok to enter the event.
Hats may be worn that make you taller than 300, but you must be able to remove them easily. Costumes that feature things like expanding wings can be made larger than 150 cm but may only be used as part of the Cosplay Contest.
Costumes must not be constructed with sharp edges or hard (metal, wood etc) spiky or pointy bits. For example, metal armour is allowed but must have properly finished and turned edges. Think! If your costume could hurt someone if they fell or bumped into you, don't make it.

Outside of the Event

Lastly, remember to keep everything, especially replica weapons well-wrapped and out of sight whenever you are not at a Showmasters event. You are responsible for transporting props and weapons so be safe and have fun!


Please keep your hands to yourself. If you would like to take a picture with or of someone in cosplay, always ask first and respect that person’s right to say no. When at Comic Con Amsterdam, be respectful, be nice, be cool and be kind to each other.

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Terms & Conditions


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