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On this page you can find all the important information about COMIC CON AMSTERDAM!

COMIC CON AMSTERDAM is a public convention which centers around comics, movies, tv, cosplay & costume, games and overall entertainment in the RAI Amsterdam.
At the event you can expect entertainment with national and international comic-, cosplay- and Hollywood star guests. During photoshoots, autograph sessions and panels, you will get extremely close to the Hollywood stars.
In addition, retailers from across Europe and the USA will sell their comics & books, manga & anime, DVD’s and Blu-ray’s, games, t-shirts, merchandise and more.
You will also find lectures, workshops, cosplay, contests, programmes for the stage and much more on this website, where we will keep you informed of everything regarding COMIC CON.

Where and when does COMIC CON AMSTERDAM take place?

COMIC CON AMSTERDAM will take place on September 1-2 2018 in the RAI Amsterdam.
Address: RAI Amsterdam, Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
More information about the RAI location you can find at and at RAI - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the opening hours?

Saturday, September 1st 2017 from 9 am (Early Bird) / 10 am until 6 pm
Sunday, September 2nd 2017 from 9 am (Early Bird) / 10 am until 5 pm

Where can I buy tickets and what do they cost?

All the information & prices for the entrance tickets and photoshoot tickets can be found at our TICKET PAGE or in our online TICKET SHOP
Entrance and photoshoot tickets can be bought online in our online shop.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes, it is possible to purchase entrance tickets and photoshoot tickets at the door, however this is contingent on how many tickets we have left after the presale.
The number of tickets per day are limited, so there is a possibility that tickets can be sold out before the event. In that case, no tickets will be sold at the door. It is recommended you buy your tickets online before the event!

Can I bring my child with me?

Yes, children can be brought along. Children up until the age of 5 get free entry, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children from 6-12 years old, only need to pay €10,- per ticket. A valid ID must be brought along and be shown, if required.

I want to order more than one ticket, do I have to fill in another name for each of them?

Yes. Every ticket belongs to someone, that's why each and every one should have the name of it's owner on it. If you buy several tickets at once and/or decide to come as a group to Comic Con, you can order the tickets under one name.

Will my tickets be send to my address or do I have to print them out? Can I show my tickets on my phone?

Your tickets will be send to you by email, digitally. Print out your E-tickets and bring them with you to COMIC CON or download the Eventbrite App and show us your tickets through the app.

What's the difference between a normal entrance ticket and an early bird ticket?

An early entrance ticket will give you access to the event from 9am in the morning, which is one hour earlier than with a normal entrance ticket. Not only will you be able to enjoy the event an hour longer than everyone else, but you will also be able to go the Guests Area as one of the first to get your autographs. Also, the early entrance ticketholders will be getting an exclusive Comic Con Amsterdam poster.

I already purchased an entrance ticket, but I can't find the autograph tickets in the online shop?

That's correct. There are no tickets for autographs, you can just get in line at the event at your favourite actor's table and pay cash at that same table. You can however, buy photoshoot tickets online.

I bought several tickets, but not everyone is able to come along. Can I give away or sell these tickets to someone else?

You're not supposed to sell your tickets to someone else, however, if by some reason beyond your control (someone got ill and can't make it at the last moment), then yes, you can give the ticket to someone else or perhaps even sell it to someone else, despite the name that the ticket is registered to.

Are there different entrances for day-, weekend- and/or VIP-ticketholders?

Yes, there will be separate entrances for the different ticket categories. There will be signs at the event to tell you where you need to go.

Where can I, as a VIP-ticket owner, pick up my VIP bag?

The VIP Bag can be picked up all weekend long at the INFO desk, you will have to show your VIP ticket to acquire the VIP bag.

How can I redeem my VIP vouchers?

All VIP ticket holders receive in their VIP Bag generic autograph and / or photoshoot vouchers (depending on your VIP ticket category).
You can choose to use these on Saturday or Sunday, on the spot, with your favourite star. An adequate supply is of course reserved. Keep in mind the pre-determined photoshoot times of each guest.

Will there be a wardrobe?

Yes, there is a wardrobe, for your coats and bags and whatnot, against a small fee at the RAI Amsterdam.

Can I go outside during the day and come back later?

Yes. Upon leaving the building, you will be given a stamp, with which you can easily walk in and out of the venue.

What are the rules regarding food at the venue?

There will be catering for food and drinks. You are not allowed to bring your own food. Glass bottles are prohibited. If you have food allergies, you can bring your own food.

Where can I park?

At the RAI venue, there’s plenty of (paid) parking space available. Parking costs 17,50 Euros a day. Comic Con Europe GmbH has no influence on parking spaces, costs or anything else regarding parking at the RAI.

Is there public transportation to the RAI Amsterdam venue?

There is a very good public transportation network available in the city of Amsterdam and the Netherlands in general. A train can bring you from the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to the RAI in less than 15 minutes for only 3 Euro. There are also trams, busses and trains going from Amsterdam Central Station and other stations in Amsterdam and the Netherlands strait to RAI Amsterdam train and underground metro station.

Will more guests be added to the line-up?

Guests can be added up until the very last day before an event. Whether that happens or not, you'll just have to wait and see. When we've booked a guest, we will announce it as soon as possible on our website and social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

Will [NAME ACTOR / ARTIST] come to COMIC CON AMSTERDAM or can you book this person?

We will not comment on specific names. This is for both judicial and practical reasons, but mostly not to foster false hope. We are doing everything we can to provide an interesting line-up that will appeal to a broad audience.

How much does a photoshoot with  [NAME ACTOR], or an autograph of [NAME ACTOR] cost?

All prices regarding photoshoots and autographs can be found on the GUESTS page. Take note: Prices differ per guest.

From what time will the guests be at COMIC CON AMSTERDAM?

All guests will be present from 9am / 9.30am on both days and will be there until approximately 5pm / 5.30pm, unless otherwise indicated.

Is there anything else I need to consider regarding the guest presences?

Comic Con reserves the right to change the day and times of the photoshoot if it becomes necessary, subject to guest appearance days. Guests are subject to work and other commitments, and have the right to cancel.  If this occurs, we will give you the option of changing your photosession or issue a refund. Not all guests might be appearing on all days.
Title and ownership, and all rights now and in the future, of and for the photoshoot images remain exclusively with Comic Con Europe GmbH. Photoshoot images will be available to download for personal, non commercial use after the event for a set fee in our Online Photo Library Store.

Are there costume and weapons rules?

All imitation weapons are subjected to a weapon check before entering the grounds. In order to create an unforgettable experience for all visitors, some rules for carrying fake weapons at the convention must be respected. The rules can be found here on the COSPLAY page. If your weapon does not get through a weapon check, it will be taken at the entrance, we will hold it for you and give your weapon back upon leaving the convention.

Will I be filmed or will my picture be taken as a visitor of COMIC CON AMSTERDAM?

Not every visitor will end up on a photograph or video, however it is very much possible for you to be photographed or filmed, considering the crowd of visitors and the press as well.
By entering the convention, every visitor agrees to (potentially) be photographed and filmed.

Can I take pictures and film at the event?

Photographing and filming in public areas of the event are only allowed for private purposes. Excluded individual areas are marked accordingly. Selfies with the star guests are strictly
prohibited, doing this may lead to being removed from the event.  
If the photo / footage in retrospect might be used commercially, a prior notification to and permission from COMIC CON EUROPE GmbH must be obtained.

Can I see and meet the stars if I don’t have an autograph or photoshoot ticket? And how does it work with the tickets?

The stars will sit at their tables and sign autographs during the event. Here, you can see them from a small distance, without autograph or photoshoot tickets.
During the panels (there will be a programme with specific times for these), the guests will be on stage to answer questions from the fans. You won’t need an extra ticket for this (there can be exceptions).
If you want to take a picture with a guest star, a photoshoot ticket for each guest you want to take a picture with, is mandatory. Selfies at the table or in the hall with the stars – even with the consent of the stars – are strictly prohibited and may lead to removal from the event if you fail to comply.

Can I photograph the guests when they are signing, or can I take a picture with them?

It is strictly prohibited to take selfies/pictures with the guests. It's important all visitors will have an opportunity to meet their favorite guests, which it's why it's necessary to stop photography in order to grant the guests more time to sign autographs for all the visitors who want one. We don't want people to go home disappointed at the end of the day because there was no more time for their autograph.
Keep in mind that even though some guests are prepared to take pictures with their fans, there can be many reasons for why they won't pose for pictures at their signing tables. If this is the case, please respect their wishes. There will be signs present to tell you where photography is prohibited.

Do I need to buy a separate entry ticket if I already have a photoshoot and/or autograph ticket?

Yes, of course. The photoshoot tickets are ONLY valid for a photoshoot and the autograph tickets are ONLY valid for an autograph, they DO NOT include an entry fee or ticket. You can purchase either a day-, weekend- or VIP-ticket.

How does it work with the autographs?

Autographs can be purchased during the event at the tables of the respective stars. If you want several things signed, you pay per autograph.

There will be several hi-res photos on the tables of the stars which you can have signed. One photo is included in the price of an autograph. Of course you can bring your own things like DVDs, posters, books and other things to be signed. Of course, you will need an entrance tickets in addition to your autograph ticket to gain entrance to COMIC CON AMSTERDAM.

Do autographs cost money?

Yes. You will have to pay for every guest's autograph. Prices are shown on the GUEST page. At the event, there will be pictures available of the guests on which you can have them sign their autograph, these are included in the price. You don't necessarily have to bring something to get signed.

Can I (pre)order autographs?

Yes, you can do this through our Send In Service. More information will follow soon.

How do photoshoots work?

The pictures will be taken by professional photographers and their professional equipment. The photo will be ready mere seconds after it’s shot. They will be printed on high quality full color paper in a 23 x 15 cm format.
Each star will have a specific time frame per day for his or her photoshoot. The specific times will be published online and posted at the event itself. If you miss the shoot, there will be no substitute or refund.
The photoshoot tickets must be purchased either online or at the information desk during the event.
Please note: Due to time constraints, all tickets will be limited per day. Should the tickets sell out in the presale, it will not be possible to buy them at the event. It is recommended to buy your photoshoot tickets online in presale.
Taking selfies and pictures are strictly forbidden in the photo area.
In case of a guest cancellation, the purchased tickets of the photoshoot with the guest in question will, naturally, be refunded automatically.
Of course, you will need an entrance tickets in addition to your photoshoot ticket to gain entrance to COMIC CON AMSTERDAM.

Can I do the photoshoot with a star with a number of people?

Yes, group pictures can be made on request. For a group shot, each person will need his or her own photoshoot ticket. The ticket is not valid per photo, but per person. This also applies to children from the age of 4 and up. So if you would like to do the photoshoot with three people, all three of you will need your own photoshoot tickets. There will be three pictures made and of course, you will get three printed pictures to take home with you!
If you want your photo signed by the guest, you will need an additional autograph ticket. Guests will only sign photos at their tables.

When I buy a photoshoot ticket, can my friend join me in the photo?

No. A photoshoot ticket is per person. If you would like to take a picture with your friend and a guest, then both of you will need your own photoshoot ticket. In that case, two pictures will be taken, and you will get both pictures. The only exception is children under the age of 6, they are allowed to take the picture with their parents for free.

I bought a normal entry ticket, which mean I can go in at 10.00 in the morning. Will there be any photoshoots planned before that time?

No. All photoshoots will begin after 10.00 o'clock.

I ordered tickets for more than one photoshoot. What happens if they overlap?

We're planning the shoots in an order in which they shouldn't overlap. All photoshoots follow each other and do not take place at the same time.

What happens when a star cancels, but I had already bought a photoshoot ticket?

Should a guest star cancel, all previously sold photoshoot tickets are of course refunded to the account with which the tickets were paid.
Admission tickets will not be refunded or exchanged due to guest star cancellations.

Will there be a floorplan?

We always hope to have the floorplan available online approximately 1 week before the event. There will also be floorplans available during the event along with the programme. These are subject to change.

Will there be a programme for the stage?

Yes, the stage programme will be available online approximately 1 week before the event. There will also be floorplans available during the event along with the programme. These are subject to change.

Will there be workshops and lectures?

Yes, there will be various workshops, lectures and readings. Information regarding these activities will be published online on our website and Facebook. Registration for these activities in advance, is not possible.

I have an idea for a panel, workshop or demo, where can I send this to?

You can contact us through the contact form below. Keep in mind, we've got a tight programme, which leaves little space for extra panels, workshops or demos. Only the very best ideas will be considered.

Will the same stars from your other events come to Amsterdam as well?

No, there will be different guests at every COMIC CON AMSTERDAM, this is valid for all other COMIC CON EUROPE or SHOWMASTERS events.


Check our COSPLAY page for all questions regarding cosplay at COMIC CON AMSTERDAM.

Are you looking for crew members and volunteers?

Yes, for all our events we're looking for people who would like to help us during the events, but also before the events! You can fill out the registration form here: CREW APPLICATION FORM
Send us the filled in form to and tell us why you can be important for us as crew member. We look forward to meeting you!

Can I book a merchandise booth or exhibitor space at COMIC CON AMSTERDAM?

Are you a merchandise dealer, comic artist, small entrepreneur or a publisher / major entertainment company and do you want to book a promotional or retail booth at COMIC CON? That is of course possible. Check for more information our EXHIBITORS page!



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