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This year we also have an "Autograph-Service" (both for pre-orders as self-submitted content) for our own events as well as events organized by our partners!

So if you like a photo, poster, Funko, DVD / Blu-Ray, statue, action figure or another collector's item to have autographed by one of the guests but you have no opportunity to come yourself then this is your chance to still get it done.

This service makes it possible to whatever you would want to have signed to send it to us. We will then ensure that it is signed by the guest and sent again back to you.

You can also choose to have a signed photo provided by us (20x30 or 20x25). Since we have a large stock of different pictures, it is not possible to choose a specific photo. You can choose a "theme" for your guest of choice. E.g. "Sylvester McCoy, Doctor Who" or "Sylvester McCoy, The Hobbit"

For this service, we ask € 5, - per autograph for administration/handling costs (think of processing applications, retrieve and collect the mail, export/packing of the product) on top of the price of the signature. We will then ensure that it is signed personally by your guest of choice and send it insured and registered again back to you.

For sending our stock pictures in Netherlands there is a one-time fee of € 10, - shipping and handling charges (regardless of the number of photos) on top of the price of the autograph itself. For this, your order will be sent insured and registered in a bubble envelope with extra cardboard enclosed against damage.

The cost for larger photos, posters, statues and other products are available on request.
Also sending to other countries is available on request.

For € 5, - extra we can also provide a digital "proof of authenticity". There will be a picture of the guest while your chosen photo or piece will be signed. We strive to always take a photo of the guest with your order. In exceptional cases this is not possible and there will be an overall picture made of the guest while at the signing with several pieces on the table. If you do not agree with this exception, we recommend to order no "proof of authenticity" since no money is given back for this particular service. The photo will be mailed to you asap after the event which you can (let it) print.

On request there can be added a dedication. As this takes more time (consecrations are often more timeconsuming than the autograph itself) there is € 5,- extra charge. A dedication can be a personalization (For Sarah Jane Smith), a quote from a movie (Matt Smith: Bow ties are cool) or simply the name of the character (Sophie Alexandra Portman, Luse Gui). Please do not use a long quote for lack of time and out of respect for the guest. But you can always ask in advance whether the quote is not too long. For the smaller guests as this will not cause a big problem as they are less crowded.

We strive to use the best marker for the autograph (image light / dark marker, dark image / light marker). You can ask for a specific colour but we can't give a guarantee for this colour.

If you want the autograph on a specific part of your own piece (with a statue at the base or the figure itself, a DVD/Blu-Ray front or rear), this is also possible. For this you can use a post-it to mark the place (make sure that it is clearly visible).

To get an autograph on Funko's/Q figs make it easier for yourself and us and get the statue out of the box and send the box unfolded. As a result, the risk of damage by transport is smaller and it also makes it easier for guests to sign.

The costs will be refunded in case of cancellation by the guest. Please send an email with your invoice number in the subject together with your bank details. In this way we can quickly process the refund.

Would you want to use this service please send an email to:

If you wish to submit your own piece first send an email with the following information:

  • Guest and convention
  • Which piece you want to submit? (Statue, poster, Funko, or the like)
  • number of autographs
  • If desired: personalization, quote, character name (due to time € 5, - extra)
  • If required: photo as proof of authenticity (€ 5, - extra)
  • Your address so we can send it to you

If you want to request an autograph on a picuture provided by us send an email with the following information:

  • Guest and convention
  • From which movie/serie does the picture have to be?
  • number of autographs
  • If desired: personalization, quote, character name (due to time € 5, - extra)
  • If required: photo as proof of authenticity (€ 5, - extra)
  • Your address so we can send it to you

You get a confirmation of your request.

Once the bill is paid you can send the piece to us (if of course you want to have your own piece signed). After the event your order will be sent to you via unsured mail.

Please send your piece also insured to us so that we can not be held responsible for damage caused by transportation of uninsured items. Therefore we will not accept uninsured packages.

The events, guests and prizes can be found on the website.

The return will normally take place within 14 days of the selected event.

Please be aware that you need to consider the deadline and closing date.

COMIC CON ROTTERDAM TAKES PLACE in Ahoy Rotterdam ON MARCH 3rd and 4th 2018.
If you can't make it to the event, please order your Autographs here.

The last day where we can accept orders is on February 23rd 2018.


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