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One of the most important ingredients of any COMIC CON event are our volunteers. We are always on the lookout for new crew, and where experience with any type of event or convention is a useful bonus, the most important quality we’re looking for is enthusiasm!

We expect Volunteers to do just that, volunteer, so please have no expectations, just be ready to muck in. Like many other jobs, there may be hours of boredom interspaced with frenetic activity, or more likely hours of frenetic activity with a few seconds of boredom; either way is tough.

It’s hard work but many of our volunteers return year after year and become good friends. 

Once we have received your initial request to crew you’ll be kept on the crew database, and before each event we send out an email to all volunteers asking if they are available to help at that particular show. Please read the email carefully and respond to the survey by the deadline date.

At our events there are several tasks, which you can be assigned to, that need to be performed:

1.    Queue coordination - whether it is at the signing tables, the photoshoots, the ticket sales stands, the VIP desk or at the entrance, our customers need to be led, checked and guided.

2.    Sales staff - at the signing tables, the photoshoot desks, the photo tables and the merchandise stand helping hands are needed.

3.    Info stand – our center of information and attention, because it is here where all important and relevant information is provided to the public and where questions about the layout of the event, about the program of the stages, about the photoshoot and autograph session schedules and corresponding prices are answered. In short, everything comes together here.

4.    Runners – our runners take care of all kinds of jobs and are multi employable. Because fixed tasks have to be relieved for breaks and such, runners will change position based on demand and therefore learn to handle all kinds of tasks.

5.    Personal Assistants – the PAs of our guests and artists are the first contact for our guests, since they are present with a designated guest at all locations - at the signing tables, the photoshoots or at the panels. They are also responsible for all paperwork concerning the autograph and photoshoot sales, for translation work for and communication with the public.

6.    Entrance - here the crew deals with ticket sales, checking tickets and checking people entering, checking cosplay weapons, issuing VIP bags, checking guest and press lists, issuing stamps for visitors leaving the building and much more.

7.    Stage staff - support at our stages - such as the main stage, the cosplay stage or the comic stage - consists of guiding the flow of visitors between panels and helping the tech crew and moderators. Another task consists of assuring that emergency exits and routes are kept clear and that visitors take their seats and do not interrupt panels.

8.    Supporting staff - taking care of the crew space, the guests and the press spaces, helping out with the catering and other forms of services within our organisation.

9.    Cosplay Area – at the Cosplay Area there are several supporting tasks that deal with the changing rooms, the workshops and the panels.

10.    Photoshoot area – in this area it is important to keep your head straight in stressful situations. The schedules are planned tightly and large groups of customers have to get their personal photo with the star in a limited amount of time. Besides guiding of queues, tickets have to be scanned and checked, bags or coats have to be taken in and returned, photos have to be handed out and other additional tasks have to be done.

11.    Sticks – the issuing of digital photos on memory sticks to customers.

12.    Construction and breakdown - important with the construction and breakdown are in particular the artist and star guest locations. Besides this, other important tasks deal with decorations, seating at the stages, the pressroom, the greenroom, the crew room, exhibitor stands and other supporting roles for all kinds of tasks.

13.    Exhibitor Team – support in the exhibitor area at both the construction and breakdown (for commercial parties, indie artists, cosplayers, fan groups, and large and small exhibitors).


We don't generally give people a specific job to do until the day and over the weekend you could end up doing a bit of everything.

Please note: All volunteers must be 18 years of age or over.

CREW APPLICATIONS: When you’ve done the survey, and the crew application deadline has passed, we then go through the days available and work out the crew rota. You will then receive another email once this is done letting you know if you have been chosen or not. Don’t be disheartened if you haven’t been selected, it could be for a number of reasons; generally because we have had loads of applications, or we don’t have the days/spaces to suit what you can do at that particular show. There’s always next time, and the helper applications are still open until a week before the show!


If you’re interested in volunteering as a crew member, we’d love to hear from you.
Please fill in the CREW APPLICATION FORM and send it to us with some extra remarks if you want to

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