Coco Ouwerkerk

Colourbee in the Pocket, L.O.C.O.


The second Webtoon artist that will join us at Comic Con Amsterdam is Coco Ouwerkerk. She is known for her comic Acception, which gets more than 20.000 likes per episode.

Coco graduated in 2016 and has done many conventions after that. She has also done freelance comic and animation work and published books like Colourbee in the Pocket, L.O.C.O. and The Meeting. Together with Kimberly Legito Geelen and Renee Rienties they created the manga Oyasumi.

Webtoon offered Coco a contract for her work on Acception. The first album is online and number two will soon join it.

Grab your chance and get a commission at her table!

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